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Explore Baluran National Park


Baluran National Park is certainly one of a few destinations in Java with completely unique fauna and flora. The area, which is located in the East of Java Island, is famous of its savannah, a large number of mammals such as banteng, Sumatran dhole, Indian muntjac, Java mouse-deer, fishing cat, Javan leopard and Javan lutung. Furthermore, its stunning landscape is dominated by Mount Baluran, which is situated in the heart of the national park. Baluran offers many attractions such as hiking, diving and snorkelling, e.g. in the Bama Beach, as well as provide an opportunity to observe local wildlife in its natural habitat.


Undoubtedly Baluran is one of the most underrated tourist destinations of Java. Despite the area is protected since 1920s when the Dutch government recognised the significance of local savannah, Baluran National Park has been established almost 60 years later, in 1980. Baluran is getting more and more popular among local tourists, however most of foreigners has no chance to appreciate fauna and flora of this region. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that a trip to Baluran from Banyuwangi (which is also the main connection with Bali) takes just 30 minutes. The best time to visit the Baluran National Park is certainly during the dry season, especially in June, July and August. Apart from the good weather you can expect herds of animals looking for food.



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